Strangers waiting
Up and down the boulevard
Their shadows searching
In the night
Streetlight people
Livin’ just to find emotion
Hidin’ somewhere in the night

School Tape Mix – Freshman Year

This is a project I wanted to bring full circle, for the people that have supported and helped me since day one to the people I’ve met along the journey. The past 365 days have been nothing but inspiration, from being on the same bill as numerous artists I have admired for years, to rocking venues where I first fell in love with these sounds. It has been incredible 365.
Inside the mix are sounds from artists that have helped me find the sound I truly love, songs from artists such as S.P.Y, Pola & Bryson, GLXY, Hugh Hardie and many more.
I was fortunate enough to have three of my favourite local artists help out with the final product, I had Sam Mailloux. help master the final product and put the most absolute perfect touch on the outro with his piano skills. I also invited MC Gravity hold me down throughout the mix with his one of a kind vocabulary and artistic flow on the microphone, and last but not least BEEDEE for the hard work he has put in creating some beautiful content for this project and continuing to help push me to create my best work yet.

I’ve learned a lot about myself over the last year and the music itself, it feels as if I have been in one big school session just learning the way of the road meeting new friends and occasionally pausing to enjoy the small things this journey has had to offer.

Without further ado, I present to you my biggest piece of work yet

The School Tape Mix – Freshman Year

Most release comes as a collaboration between the Hip/Hop genius MayU beats and myself. MayU has done work with some of Calgary’s biggest Hip/Hop artists such as Dirty Harry, New’L, Fingaz, Pleuto and the whole TUTO squad to name a few. Not to mention he has caught the attention of many more across Canada with his unique and elegant style of piano which is apparent in our 2nd collaboration “Blueprint” (Song below)
This was our first attempt at a 174bpm tune and we truly had no idea how it would turn out, at the end of a couple sessions in the MayU studio we finally had someone we were proud to release. Our first song together titled Kazoku meaning family in Japanese which is exactly how i see these boys. Family forever and always. This one is more focused on the baseline and heavy roller feel with that liquid melody featuring some hiphop influences in the snare.


Swayze Palace Theat Dec 9,2017

Swayze is a Calgary-born 2nd generation DJ in his family, influenced primarily by his father and his (also) DJ brother Jarrett Galenza (DJ Lenza – Substation Recordings / MannMade Rhoads / Cabal).

Filling dancefloors with his passion for Liquid Drum & Bass has taken him as far as playing an event curated by industry legend Goth-Trad in Tokyo, Japan. More recently, Swayze’s had the honor of playing at AEMCON and Motion Notion – proudly representing under the 403DnB banner.

There’s no telling what the future holds for Swayze – but you can be sure that there’s only good things to come.


Group:  403DnB

Next Event: Spectrasoul @ Nite owl part of AEMCON (Alberta electronic music convention)

Previous Events:

  • Calgary, Ab – Dark Hours @ Cafe Koi, Jan 2015
  • Calgary, Ab -403DnB Presents RINSE, Mar 2016
  • Mclean Creek – AB- Heavens to Binski May 2016
  • Winnipeg, Mb – BASSNADO,  Jun 2016
  • Waiprous, Ab – All Binskis Go 2 Heaven Sept 2016
  • Tokyo, Japan – Back To Chill @Club Asia Oct 2016
  • Calgary, Ab – 403DnB presents Artificial Intelligence on NYE 2017
  • Calgary, Ab – RINSE, Wiggins Birthday Bash, Jan 2017
  • Calgary, Ab- Lovers Ball w/ Lenzman, Random Movement & T.R.A.C Feb 2017
  • Winnipeg, Mb – Wobble kRew Presents: Swayze (403DnB) April 2017
  • Winnipeg, Mb – Alpha Records Presents: Swayze (403DnB) April 2017
  • Calgary, Ab – New Wave w/OAKK, SILQ, Ivan Rankic & Swayze June 15
  • Calgary, Ab – 403DnB Present Roni Size @Hifi Club July 7 2017
  • Golden, BC – Motion Notion Music Festival (Turtle Island stage) Aug 27 2017
  • Calgary, Ab – AEMCON, Spectrasoul, Nomine, John Rolodex Nov 17 2017
  • Calgary, Ab – Delta Heavy at Palace Theater Dec 8, 2017
  • Calgary, Ab – 403DnB Xmas Bash w/ Bachelors Of Science, Dec 9, 2017
  • Calgary, Ab – 403DnB Lovers Ball w/ Bryan Gee & Need For Mirrors – Feb 10,2018
  • Calgary, Ab – Frequency Pre-Party at Palace Theater w/ MITIS – Feb 17, 2018
  • Fernie, BC – 403DnB Takes Over The Royal – Feb 24, 2018


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