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SWAYZE MonoHere are a few photos from along the way



The Mountains Are Home

10572146_1103084193059827_4855186974212564852_oBrother Jarrett aka Lenza(Substation Recordings/Mann Made Rhoads/Cabal)
Photo: Michael Benz

13502674_926773214135752_1415491343114890318_oBassnado 5 Winnipeg, Mb
Photo: Ryan Whiting

12719262_1055834531140567_135654277124203232_oHomie Jordan Ormshaw and I at Dirty tones DJ comp
Photo: Michael Benz

16143621_1316307628434411_5964951950620315764_oThe Originals Tour Feat: Kenny Ken & DJ SS
Photo: Cody Simon
Swayze & Jo MoNo Bass Turt

Jordan & Swayze Motion Notion 2017