This is the space that I’ll use to rant, rave, review, and reflect upon whatever I want.  I encourage everyone to read it daily.

Jan 11, 2017- So after 3 months of not having a computer due to 2 hard drive crashes I have my laptop back.. the shit clouds had almost parted till I realized I lost almost everything.. Yes I have a backup hard drive but it is very out of date. Meaning  I lost about 30% of my music and the best music too.. C.S

Jan 13,2017- What a night, Kenny Ken and DJ SS were top notch on and off the decks. Kenny asked if i had a lighter to borrow, having one I proceeded to head out and share a cig with him. We bullshitted about Calgary and the times he had visited, Meanwhile a 403DnB member (Wont mention who) was feeling fairly sick while we were smoking. Kenny noticed out boy not doing to well, Kenny asked if he was fine and proceeded to tell us about his experience while on the decks and having to make a run to the washroom to “Sort hiumself out”. Kenny is an amazing, funny and talented dude. Funny stories within a nine and a half hour stint at Nite Owl from set up to tare down… C.S

Jan 19,2017- Getting stoked for tomorrow night, we have another edition of RINSE in the basement of nite owl. This is probably one of my favorite venues in Calgary.. Small, intimate, and a very cool layout. It literally looks like a library with books lining the walls from front to back. Tomorrow we have Matt Wiggins birthday set along with Myself, Seek, Obscene and Mary Jane. Rolling it out with a Deep Liquid set. C.S

Feb 19, 2017- What an unbelievable night, Lenzman, T.R.A.C and Random Movement absolutely killed night owl for 403DnB’s annual Lovers Ball. I opened the night up with some classic old school liquid sounds from the ones like Nu:Tone, BCee, Hybrid Minds,  LTJ Bukem and many more. Everything that night was fantastic from the decorations, the pizza & beer (Thank you Jodie AKA Fever) to the 2 extra PK bins we got was on point.
We had friends from many different provinces show up for this event which has made me come to realize I am apart of one of the biggest  Drum & Bass promotion companies in all of Canada.. blessed to be apart of 403DnB…
Next up we have The Ram Records Tour Ft: Bad Company, Loadstar & DC Breaks…. C.S

Mar 17, 2017- The Ram tour was absolutely smashing, what a big month March has been for myself and 403DnB.. Coming in hot next Friday (24th) with Shades & Ivy Lab at one of Calgary’s best stages Marquee. Also I have unofficially announced I will be beginning a 2 hour monthly podcast featuring Local, National and International talent. So very excited as broadcasting has been something i have wanted to test my hands at for a while. On top of all that we have announced LSB April 8th and yours truly will be on supporting duties! Big month….C.S

April 9th 2017- What a big night as we hosted LSB on his Soul:R album tour. It was an honor to open the night for such an influential artist. As my birthday was 2 days before there were a lot of friendly faces that were able to make it out to Nite Owl and make the nigh that much better. Some of the lushest liquid known to man,…..C.S

April 17th 2017- Was in Winnipeg, Mb for the last couple nights headlining 2 separate events. Winnipeg is always as special place as they have very underground clubs. I mean they take underground to a new level everything from the times people generally start the night at, to the vibes within the venue. Being from Calgary our venues are only open till 2:30am.. there the party goes till 5am if not later, so to play from 2-3am was a little unusual and a bit of a challenge to be fair (lol) But as always much love to the Winnipeg crews who made that trip possible. hope to be out again soon….C.S

Nov 1st 2017- What a summer that was.. Everything from Shambhala Music Festival to Motion Notion Music Festival and everything before, between and after.. What a stellar summer that was. We were almost evacuated from shambhala music fest but we stuck it out, Saturday night was the most magical night of all and that is truly the only way to describe it. I got to watch one of our 403DnB resident DJ’s (and personal favorite) Strange Manner kill the liquid sunrise session. The rain had come down while the he was playing and with tall the forest fires in the area it was truly a treat.. it was also the first time it had rained in over 4 days in the Slo-Can valley of British Columbia. Truly magical.

Nov 1st 2017- With Summer at an end and snow falling our season with 403DnB is fully underway. Last weekend we held the 22nd annual Fright Night Ft. Dieselboy & Heist. Two absolute badmen who did not disappoint. We sold the venue out for our first big event of the year, absolutely stellar weekend it was. Next up we have Spectrasoul in for AEMCON on Nov 17th stay posted here for more…. C.S

Nov 17th 2017 – AEMCON was an amazing time, great to see Alberta really put on for its electronic music community. Within a few days we had artists such as JPhlip, Foreign Beggars, Joe Nice, DJ Brace grace our city along with many more. On the night of the 17th 403DnB and Noctilux Collective came together to provide a night of intelligent music under one roof from headliners Spectrasoul, Nomine & John Rolodex. Very forward thinking music from these 3 artists. I was also fortunate enough to warm things up for this dance, normally a 9-10 slot is bare to say the least but because of the 300+ passes sold for AEMCON alone it was nice to have a busy dancefloor. Looking forward to the next event….. C.S

Dec 5th 2017 – I have received the biggest booking of my short career and I couldn’t be more excited, Delta Heavy is playing a free show at the Palace theater (Formerly Flames Central) Dec 8th and I was invited to warm the decks by AGNT, a company geared towards providing supporting acts & talent to many different events of all sizes. This bar holds a special place for me as it was the first place i had ever been to see a ‘Show”. This was 2012 where i had went to see Zeds Dead just as they were blowing up. With Delta Heavy being a free event before 10:30 and me playing from 10:30-11:30 this will undoubtedly be the biggest crowd i have ever performed too. Incredibly excited to say the least.